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Posted on: June 3, 2008 1:46 pm

What a game

Sitting in Hockeytown last night, I could not help but marvel at how amazing that hockey game was. It was such a wonderful game to watch, the highs and lows, watching a team that was playing near the top of their game battle a goalie that could seemingly do no wrong. The Penguins roared out of the gate to an early 2-0 lead, and the crowd groaned their displeasure. They could feel the game slipping away. As the second period started, we waited on the edge of our seats, begging, praying for a reason to cheer. Darren Helm answered the desperate city's prayers, punching a goal past Fleury. The third period rolled around, everyone wished again, holding out against hope that this team could bring home the Cup that night. Pavel Datsyuk shot one past Fleury, the crowed erupted....and then promptly were shot down with the realization that the puck had only hit the crossbar. Then, the red light was lit behind the goal, again by Datsyuk. This one counted, the game was now tied. Hockeytown was in a frenzy, strangers were hugging, people were screaming and jumping around. Three minutes later, the puck found the back of the net. Pandemonium ensued, suddenly the lead was theirs!! Red and white clad fans were running around, the mighty Winged Wheelers had united this crowd behind them, nothing could stop them. The minutes ticked away, and the anticipation grew, and grew and grew. With a minute left no one was left sitting. Suddenly, with 35 seconds left, their hopes were dashed, as the Penguins found the back of the net. A desperate goal by a team that had nothing to lose, the crowd was deflated, but, at the same time, refused to leave, knowing this game was far from over. The first overtime went through with plenty of close calls on both sides, the city groaned and cheered, their anticipation killing them. The second overtime started, a few fans left, the die hards held on, their own voices making up for those who had left. The play ebbed and flowed, the crowd sat on the edge of their seats, both teams tired, started making mistakes, but neither could capitalize, Fleury held on strong, his pads suddenly impenetrable. The second overtime ended, more fans left, we refused to leave. The third overtime started, suddenly, the Penguins had more life in them, and then the whistles rang out, and the fans knew something was wrong; A four minute penalty, our hearts sank. Could the Wings find a way to end this seemingly unbeatable penalty? The red light behind Chris Osgood was suddenly alight with a flame that burned the hopes of the city down. The Penguins had managed to defeat the Wings. But what a game it was. Those of us who watched the whole thing should treasure the experience of being able to see that, no matter what happened, one team had to lose, and the Red Wings, unfortunately couldn't capitalize on some golden opportunities. Now its upsetting that the wrong team won, but the Wings are still ahead 3-2 in the series, and Fleury will have to play 2 more perfect games to beat them, and I do not think that he can do it. I said Wings in 5 to start the series, but, I think that the game tomorrow night will be the night that Niklas Lidstrom and the rest of his Winged Wheelers lift the Cup aloft, celebrating their 11th Championship.
Posted on: April 22, 2008 1:03 pm
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April in the D

All sorts of sports things going on in Detroit right now:

- The Red Wings close out the Predators: What a difference a new goalie makes. Dominik Hasek played fairly well in the first couple of games, but in Nashville he really fell apart. Chris Osgood looked near unbeatable once he got in, and he only let up one goal in 2 and 2/3 games. Nick Lidstrom's goal from center ice was nothing short of amazing (and I still haven't decided whether that was his intent or was just trying to waste time...). It was a fun series, no doubt, but I'm nervous about the potential next round match ups. I want no part of the Calgary Flames, which is why I'll be rooting for the Sharks to close them out soon. Miikka Kiprusoff and Jerome Iginla scare me, especially because they have eliminated us in the past. There is nothing more that I would like to see than a renewal of the Colorado - Detroit rivalry that was so great during the 90's. Either way, its good to see that the Wings have gotten over their recent trend of losing in the first round to a hot goalie, especially because Ellis played so great for the Predators.

- The Lions and the NFL Draft: I'm not much of a Lions fan, to be honest, they're more of a punchline to me, but, I still follow with some sort of morbid curiosity that I can't expel. I blame my father for raising me a Lions fan. Either way, I think that this draft could potentially be something that would get me back and interested in the Lions. There seems to be a lot of talk in Detroit now of the Lions trading Roy Williams. There is speculation that Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington are all interested in the man who is best known for celebrating a first down while getting pummeled. However, the one that intrigues me the most is the Buffalo Bills. They have the 11th spot and they are reportedly interested in Devin Thomas, out of Michigan State. If Ryan Clady (from Boise State) is available, I would swap Roy Williams for him and then pick up a running back, which would also play into the Lions new offensive strategy of running the ball (which somehow they plan on doing without improving any aspect of the running game yet). If they don't do a good job in this draft, I think they will only be 4-12 this year.

- Where is the Offense?: Its interesting that the Tigers have one of the highest payrolls in the country and invested all this money into offense, and yet they have probably the most inconsistent offense in the country. 13, 1, 8, 2, 3, 5. That is the run totals of their last 5 games. It is incredibly frustrating watching this team play and wondering which offense you're going to see. There is a chance I'm going to be at the game on Sunday, but who knows which offense will show up. However, the recent pitching of Galarraga has been something to behold. Hopefully he doesn't get the Zach Miner syndrome and start to fall off once teams have seen him more than once. I can't wait for the pitching to get out of this slump, I think this team can be really amazing once they finally pick it up. Bandwagon fans around here are incredibly frustrating, freaking out because the Tigers have started off so slowly. Relax folks, its a long summer. The Tigers will be fine. They might not win 110 games, but they will be fine.

- The NBA Playoffs are here: Tim Duncan and Steve Nash gave us a show in their first round game last weekend. Is there anyone who can will their team to victory like Tim Duncan? 0-4 all season on 3's? Doesn't matter. I think the Spurs will win that series, but its definitely going to go all 7 games. Other series that intrigue me are the Mavs and Hornets. I personally can't stand the Mavericks, but I really am starting to fall in love with the Hornets. Maybe its the Katrina sympathy vibe, or maybe its just the fact that I love watching Chris Paul dominate defenses night in and night out. Either way, these teams match up pretty well, and it should be fun to watch. The Pistons did drop game one to Philly, but I don't expect that to be a trend in this series. The loss was probably the best thing that could happen to them, as they tend to get complacent when they blow out opening teams. I say Pistons in 6.
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